Meet The Faculty

Nicholas Night


Nick Night combines his experiences as an award-winning illusionist, film and television executive, video game producer and software developer to imagine the amazing.

For over 30 years Nick Night has honed and refined his own particular form of magic.

In the 80’s and 90’s he toured as a world-famous magician, performing his award-winning illusion show, The Art & Illusion of Nicholas Night & Kinga. He has connected with millions of people on stage and television in over 30 countries, with featured appearances in the U.S. on ABC’s Champions of Magic, Fox’s Magic on the Edge, and Masters of Illusion.

The new millennium brought a change in direction as he found creative success in animation, as an executive and creative director for film, television and online gaming studios. Nick now connected with some of the biggest brands in entertainment, pitching original concepts and developing existing properties for companies such as Disney, MGM, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS kids, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, NatGeo and more.

In 2010, Nick Night founded a premium content platform, Revizzit, based on a new idea – digital goods that are live-connected directly to the customer! Add some content, insert an announcement, delete outdated info – and instantly change every copy in existence!

In the fall of 2018, while teaching his son Jackson and his friends some sleight-of-hand magic, he realized something very important: their hands are too small to properly handle the props and cards! Nick discovered that no one was delivering professional quality magic easy enough for ages 9 to 99. Serious magic that anyone would be proud to perform, not limited by hand size or sense of humor. This led to his founding of The Night Academy, and it’s flagship product My Box of Magic, a monthly magic-academy-in-a-box!

Nick is a proud member of American Mensa, The Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences, and The National Speakers Association.

He lives in Southern California with his lovely wife, Kinga, and his amazing son, Jackson.

Jackson Night

Deputy Headmaster

Having parents that are magicians exposed Jackson to some of the greatest performers in the world at an early age. He even had David Williamson and John Carney perform at his birthday parties!

About magic, Jackson says, “I think magic is cool because it’s fun to watch, fun to perform, and most of all, it’s fun to watch other people’s reactions when you fool them!”

His other interests include origami, computer programming, piano, Rubik’s Cubes, gaming and the martial art of Hapkido.

Jim Steinmeyer

Professor of Magic

Jim Steinmeyer has earned praise for his work on stage, on the page, and behind the scenes. Theatremania: “The astonishing work of illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer, the most miraculous on Broadway.” The London Telegraph: “Broadway’s greatest stage illusionist.” The London Times: “A genius at magic… Unfathomable brilliance.”

The New York Times calls him the “celebrated invisible man—inventor, designer and creative brain behind many of the great stage magicians of the last quarter-century.” His illusions have been seen from Broadway, London’s West End, Las Vegas, and in Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth. He’s the author of best-selling books about magic and magic history, including Hiding the Elephant, The Glorious Deception and The Last Greatest Magician in the World. Recognized for his extensive, innovative creations in magic, a recent profile concluded that Jim was “the best living originator of stage illusions,” noting his many creations as the “defining illusions in contemporary magic.” Jim Steinmeyer has worked with virtually every leading magician around the world, produced magic on television, and written extensively on his illusions.

Visit his website to learn more about the great contributions to the art of magic he has made!

Mike Caveney

Professor of Magic

Mike Caveney has performed professionally for over forty years and each of his original routines is perfectly suited to his dry comedic wit. He is a member of the most prestigious group of magicians in the world, The Inner Magic Circle of London, England. He was voted STAGE MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR by the members of Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Mike’s talents have taken him from Japan to Russia, from Monte Carlo to Borneo, Australia, China, throughout Europe and most of the 50 States. On television, Mike was named one of the NEW VAUDEVILLIANS and the Hollywood Reporter described him as, “…one of the funniest magicians in America.” Mike has performed on the legendary Orient Express, at the World Congress of Magic in China and Japan, the Sydney Arts Festival in Australia, the world famous London Palladium and was featured on A&E’s Story of Magic and NBC’s The World’s Greatest Magic special. 

During the past thirty plus years Mike has published more than fifty books on the theory, history and practice of magic. Serious magicians look to Mike Caveney’s Magic Words for important volumes written by some of the industry’s most creative minds. The high quality of these books has made them sought after by both collectors and performers around the world. He has been awarded the Literary Fellowship by Hollywood’s Magic Castle and the John Nevil Maskelyne award for literature by England’s Magic Circle.

Jonathan Levit

Professor of Magic

Jonathan has been performing as a magician for over 40 years.  He is an actor, magician, television host, producer and public speaker. Jonathan’s acting career began with his starring role as a con-artist magician in one of the most highly acclaimed episodes of “THE X-FILES”, playing opposite Ricky Jay. He went on to guest star in television shows and films such as “FLASHFORWARD” (ABC), “THE OTHERS” (NBC) and “THE HUNTRESS” (USA), among others — playing magicians and non-magicians alike.

Jonathan has hosted shows for THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL, EQUATOR HD and the FINE LIVING NETWORK. Combining magic and hosting, Jonathan was seen on VH1 as the host and a judge of the celebrity reality magic series, “CELEBRACADABRA” and has appeared on  “MASTERS OF ILLUSION” (FOX). He has been seen on the covers of MAGIC MAGAZINE and GENII MAGAZINE and continues to be a regular performer at the famed MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood, California. 

As a magic consultant. he taught Jack Davenport to do magic on “FLASHFORWARD” (ABC), David Duchovny on “THE X-FILES” (FOX), Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Ayla Fisher in “NOW YOU SEE ME” (SUMMIT), and Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, and Olivia Wilde in “THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE” (New Line Cinema). He recently worked as the magic consultant for a tv series for the Middle East television market bringing him to Egypt, Lebanon, and Dubai. He is currently the producer and consultant for “Hip Hop Houdini” on FUSE TV.

Stephen Levit

Wizard of Wands