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The Night Academy Magic Shop


Box One

provigil to buy online Our original “My Box of Magic”, also known as Box One, is a specially priced set that includes:

  • Happymoji
  • The Specimen
  • Kid-Size Deck
  • Night Caps


buy neurontin online without dr approval You start with six “grumpymoji” cards and a single “happymoji” card, and show them front and back.

One by one, you magically transform each grumpymoji to a happymoji, until all seven cards are bursting with smiles!

The Specimen

Santiago Sacatepéquez Sponge ball aliens multiply, vanish and teleport under your magical command! 

Comes with acrylic alien specimen jar, four hand-crafted sponge aliens and secret online video instructions! 


Kid-Size Deck

Professional quality, 280-gram, linen finish playing cards. Scaled down 10% in size from standard poker-size playing cards, these cards are the ultimate necessity for magicians with smaller hands.



The magician displays three ordinary comic books and has one selected. The audience member chooses a page in the book and the magician, using only mind-reading powers, accurately describes the contents of the page.


Food For Thought

The magician has a drawstring pouch with five plastic “foodie” characters. The spectator reaches into the bag and chooses one secretly while the magician looks away. Then, the foodie is dropped back in the pouch and the contents are shaken and mixed. 
The foodies are dumped out onto the table, and the drawstring pouch can be examined. One by one, the magician eliminates the foodies using amazing mental power, dramatically revealing the chose item! 

Night Caps

Learn sleight-of-hand techniques using easy to grip uncapped bottle caps – includes two amazing routines! 

Contains seven Night Academy bottle caps and a beautifully polished, authentic petrified wood stone, plus secret online video instructions for two tricks.

Impromptu Linking Coat Hangers

The magician borrows two ordinary wire coat hangers and impossibly links them together, then unlinks them, and hands them back for examination. A real stunner! 


One Card Monte

A single playing card – a Joker – is torn in half. The upper section is the “heads” end, the lower section is the feet, or “tails” end. The card halves are placed in the magician’s hand, shuffled, and one removed. The spectator can never guess correctly which half the magician holds!



Two amazing routines are included in this diabolically clever trick. Two ordinary dice are shown and examined. A drawer-type dice box is used to shake and privately display the results to the spectator without the magician knowing what was rolled. And yet, the magician is completely in control of the dice at all times!

Teenager Nomenclature

Ten postcards are shown to the audience, each of a funny “rebranded” animal name. A member of the audience is chosen to assist. The magician selects one of the cards as his prediction, showing everyone but the assistant onstage. This card is set aside in full view. Another set of ten cards is now shown, and from this the assistant chooses one. But the audience is laughing, because all the cards are the same as the prediction card! In the end, the assistant shows her card to be different than what was expected for a big laugh! Then, the magician reveals his card… and it matches!


The magician has the spectator shuffle an examined deck of cards by mixing it haphazardly on the table. From the pile of cards scattered, the spectator is given a free choice of any card, and it is placed unknown into a plain, examined coin envelope. The magician then introduces an ordinary, chalkboard slate and writes a prediction upon it with chalk. The magician reveals the prediction, and when the spectator removes the card from the envelope it is an exact match.


Adult Tee

Proudly show your magical alma mater with this pajama-soft Night Academy T-shirt!


Youth Tee

Your magic will dramatically improve when you’re wearing this official Night Academy T-shirt! Well, maybe not… but you’ll definitely be way cooler!

Turn It Up!

The magician asks a spectator to sign a card resembling a digital music player and the card is placed face down between their hands. A packet of five music star cards is shown and shuffled. The spectator eliminates all the cards until one remains, and then looks at the signed card held in their hand. It is now “playing” the selected artist!


The spectator chooses any card in the deck, looks at it, then returns it to the middle of the deck. The magician explains that the card has been contaminated with human radioactive isotope, Potassium 40. To prove it, he spreads the deck and shines a small UV light across the cards. One card is seen to glow with a radioactive sign! The card is revealed to be the spectator’s card, and is set aside as the magician does it again, having another card freely selected. It is returned to the deck, spread, and the light is passed over the cards again. This time, however, no cards glow… except of course, the one that has been on the table the whole time, untouched.
That card is turned over and it has changed to the new card! 

Includes a matching Kid-Size Deck! 


The magician displays a small black box embossed with a golden image of a raven. Inside, an ancient heirloom – the RavenStone – a black metal claw holding a golden sphere in its talons, hangs from the end of a black cord. The RavenStone is entrusted to a spectator to hold, while other members of the audience write the names of living persons on slips of paper; all but one, who secretly writes the name of someone who is dead on the paper they hold. The papers are shuffled and handed to the magician face down, who then distributes them randomly on the table. The RavenStone is now suspended over each slip of paper – and in time, one paper jumps up and attaches itself to the talisman! The magician, having never seen the writing on any of the slips, reveals the one chosen by the talisman to be the only slip with the name of a dead person on it!


A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The deck is shuffled, then returned to the box. A steel samurai is slipped into the card box, and the box is shaken. When the box is opened, all of the cards have been shredded by the samurai’s blade – except for the selected card! Comes with stainless steel Samurai, Samurai box, Mandolin back playing cards, and special gimmick.

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